Floral Cotton Kantha Gudri

Floral Cotton Kantha Gudri

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This gorgeous floral Kantha blanket consists of three layers of soft vintage cotton fabric held together by running,"Kantha" stitch applied row after row giving the blanket a wrinkeld affect.

Katha - Continuous running stitches with Off White Cotton Thread.

measurements: 90 x 54 inches, weight about 1lb 10oz.

Colors are muted and faded and tells the story of its age.

Imperfections: good vintage condition some patches. a very sturdy piece!

Its a very versatile piece and could be your favorite Boho blanket, bedcover, curtain, wall hanging. Kantha Blanket pairs gorgeously with mid century pieces. Or just put a stack in the living room and grab one when you lounge on the couch.

Kantha is an embroidery form practiced by rural women specially in Bengal region of South East Asia. For centuries these women have been using old and used fabrics and hand stitching (kantha) them to create something new. So, what started as a necessity has become an art form and much needed source of income for these poor rural ladies. 

Kantha Gudri quilts are re-purposed from vintage cotton fabrics so they might have small holes, be faded at places or patched.