Kantha Lumbar Quilted Pillow

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This sun kissed vintage pillow cover carries ages of tradition and history with it. Made from soft vintage cotton Kantha quilt it looks rustic and chic. Colorful sea green Patches, white Kantha and vintage fabric makes it a truly unique piece.

Fabric : Vintage Cotton Kantha Quilt
Size : 14 x 26 inches.
No : 1

This boho pillow's back features orange Benarasi saree fabric with woven golden design with half zipper closure.
It is made from a kantha quilt which had multiple layers of cotton fabric bind together with hand Kantha stitch.
Being vintage and old top layer had rubbed off at many places making the layers underneath peak through.
Colors are faded and muted, telling the story of its age.

** Being made from vintage quilts may have stains, small holes and/or patches which are the character and charm of these pieces.
Wash Care: Delicate Hand Wash or Dry Clean.
Please be little careful while putting and taking out the insert because of half zipper and the vintage nature of fabric.

Story Of Kantha :
Kantha is an embroidery form practiced by rural women specially in Bengal region of South East Asia. For centuries these women have been using old and used fabrics and hand stitching (kantha) them to create something new. So, what started as a necessity has become an art form and much needed source of income for these poor rural ladies.