About Shree Roopam

Shree Roopam was founded by Sonal in a small town in North Carolina with a desire to bring Indian mystique to you in one-of-a-kind timeless home decor textiles. Shree Roopam is a mission to create genuine handmade textiles through traditional artisanal methods and embracing the slow fashion movement.  

Our fabrics are created by artisans in Bagru, a small village in Rajasthan, India, who continue centuries-old traditional dyeing and printing techniques of Block printing. With an aim toward ecologically sound production methods, the Bagru craftsmen use only natural colors, virtually no electricity, and little water (Rajasthan is a desert state)  in their process. This partnership between modern consumer and the village artisans will not only help to keep these traditions alive but will also allow the surrounding communities to thrive with the benefit of fair trade and stable commerce.

Shree Roopam textiles is a timeless work of art that brings with it the promise of a better world and a sustainable tomorrow.